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Divorce and Custody

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Getting divorced can provide relief and healing to a fractured relationship. Making a major life change such as divorce can be very stressful, especially where children are involved.  Many clients come to me initially feeling failure, resentment, disappointment and anxiety.  We establish goals and a plan to reach those goals.  I emphasize cooperation and continuous focus on productivity.  Communication is key.  At the end of the process, my clients generally feel relieved, clear-minded and more excited about their future.



Cars and material possessions can be replaced. Children cannot. The best interests of the children deserve the greatest of consideration when deciding legal custody, legal decision-making and parenting time agreements. The Consiliation Court provides a wonderful resource, but does not always get you where you need to go. When you need someone to provide you with the confidence and guidance necessary to best protect your children, call me for a consltation.